Who We Are?

With almost two decades of experience in fine cabinet making, Cabinets Made Easy was founded by experienced cabinet makers on the premise of providing easy and affordable customised cabinets and storage solutions.

We give customers exactly what they want, utilising high quality materials WITHOUT the price tag usually associated with hand-made cabinetry.

Why Choose Us?

We were tired of the lack of options on offer in the marketplace for our customers. We found that if you weren’t satisfied with the low quality standard designs or DIY flat pack cabinets being offered at major retail stores, finding high quality custom cabinetry came at a cost too expensive for most Australians.

We know how challenging it can be to find the perfect cabinet or storage solution you’ll be happy with. While standard DIY assembly can be time consuming and sourced from a manufacturer you do not know or trust, our customised solutions are manufactured in-house, utilising premium materials that cannot be purchased at your leading home hardware stores.

We eliminate the need for a middleman, saving you time, money, and ensuring you get exactly what you want.

With the option of DIY flat packs, or already assembled, you can choose the perfect scenario for your project.

Our cabinet makers are ready to produce anything from a custom laundry and kitchen cabinets, to fully designed bathroom storage and TV Units.

Through our easy online ordering process, we empower you with the choice to design your own cabinet finishings, while you can trust our extensive experience and knowledge to produce these pieces exactly to your liking.

No more standard designs, wasted time spent at large retail chains, or expensive custom-built solutions!

We Specialise In Custom Fit Outs for Home or Office…

✔    Kitchen Solutions – including Cupboards, Shelving, Pantries and Bench Tops

✔    Laundry Solutions

✔    Ensuite & Bathroom Solutions

✔    Office Solutions

✔    TV Units

Cupboard & Shelving Storage

With the option for us to perform a site visit, or for you to simply provide us with your measurements and preferences, we look forward to partnering with you in crafting efficient, high quality furnishings for your space!

What else do you do?

Based on our decades of fine cabinet making experience we also create custom designed, handcrafted furniture, and carry out restoration of preloved pieces. These unique pieces are produced under the banner of “Man with Tools“.

To visit this website and find out more about our joiner, renovation, or hand-crafted pieces, made using traditional methods of woodworking combined with skills that have been passed down the generations, and giving each piece a distinct history and soul, simply click the button below.

Pieces of furniture can be designed to integrate seamlessly into a space or stand apart for a striking impression. Consideration is given to both purpose and form, with all pieces tailor-made to your requirements.