Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Style up your outdoor spaces with some custom outdoor kitchen cabinets with Cabinets Made Easy. Our expert team can adapt cabinetry to your specific style and spaces, so your outdoor kitchen looks exactly how you wish.

We’ve typically been forced into choosing between the convenience of kitchen cooking, and the joy of outdoor cooking. But with a BBQ cabinet at the ready, you can enjoy all the little luxuries of your internal kitchen while soaking in nature. An outdoor sink cabinet can quickly and hygienically help prepare all your food, while an outdoor fridge cabinet can keep your electronics safe (and food tasty).

The Cabinets Made Easy team is based in Brisbane, so we understand what our local weather can do. That’s why we only used the best materials, proudly sourced across Australia and New Zealand. That way, you can trust that even after the worst of storms, your outdoor kitchen cabinets will be ready for their next job.

You have the choice of installing your outdoor kitchen cabinets yourself, or having one of our experienced tradespeople install it for you. With Cabinets Made Easy, it’s win-win.


Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t settle for the exact cut-outs and templates you may be offered for your outdoor kitchen. We can take designs you like or styles you prefer, and prepare you a fully customised system. So if you’d prefer some extra storage around your BBQ cabinet, or a sneaky wine rack beside your outdoor fridge cabinet, we can tailor your designs to suit.

If you don’t have a design or idea prepared – that’s no trouble at all. Our designers can chat to you about your space and your existing kitchen and offer some designs we’ve got at the ready. If you find one of our designs works for your space, it’s all yours.

Either way, we can offer you the style and colours to suit your property. From coloured splashbacks on your outdoor sink cabinet to mirrored overhead pantries, you’ll have complete control of how your outdoor kitchen cabinets look.


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We’re all about taking the stress and confusion out of cabinetmaking. With Cabinets Made Easy, we’ll quickly provide you with a simple, no-nonsense quote of the job you’re after. And when you’re ready to start work, you can choose whether to install it yourself, or have a friendly member of our team do it for you.

To get your outdoor kitchen cabinets started, get a free quote online today.