What options are available if I can’t assemble and install my own kitchen cabinets?

If you don’t have all the skill set in-house to assemble and fit your kitchen cabinets and drawers we can provide a qualified tradeperson to do this. Simply select this option during the ordering process.

Can you add to existing laundry, bathrooms, storage spaces?

Yes, we can colour match and add to existing spaces – a common request, particularly in new homes where additional storage is required. All we require is the brand / material / colour names when you are placing your order, or alternatively you can select ‘Book a site visit’ and one of our cabinets makers can gather this information for you.

What happens if the dimensions are incorrect?

If you are providing us with measurements, we request that you ensure these dimensions are correct before submitting your quote request and when approving the order. Accepting your quote is like pressing the ‘on’ button on our cutting machinery therefore, we cannot offer refunds unless the error is on our part. If what has been produced does not fit, we are more than happy to provide solution with additional panels and fillers, at your expense. If you are unsure of dimensions, please ‘book a site visit’ with your quote request and one of our qualified tradespersons can take measurements for you.

What is included in a Cabinets Made Easy Quote?

Our quotes include all aspects of customised design and the cost of delivery to your home, based on your selections in your order. If there are aspects of your project that we need to know more details about in order to provide an accurate quote, we will email you with these questions before giving you a price.

We aim for all our prices to be accurate right from the get go. Once you have agreed to the price, and the order has been confirmed and submitted, our prices are guaranteed, unless you request additions to the initial job.

Do you source appliances? Can I source my own?

We do not source appliances, but will work with you to ensure our solution works with your appliances. All we need is the brand and model number and / or cut out measurements so we can ensure our solutions are customised with the correct dimensions. Alternatively, you can select ‘Book a site visit’ and one of our qualified tradespersons can take measurements for you.

What materials are used in this cabinetry?

We use quality board and hardware materials sourced from Australian and New Zealand manufacturers. All of our materials are water resistant and meet Australian standards. On your customised form, you will have the option to choose your preferred material, dependent on the level of quality and price you are after or select from material and options available.

What’s the warranty on your products?

All our products come with relevant product supplier warranties including hinges, hardware and materials.

Do you have set designs, or is everything customised?

Our speciality is in providing highly customised solutions, however we do have a list of styles, colours and finishes that you may choose from if you do not have a specific brand and colour you’d like to provide us with.

We specialise in providing customised cabinetry that will work perfectly with your space, if you would like some suggestions, please make note of that on your order submission, and we will respond with further questions, recommendations and / or a quotation to assist you plan your project to assist you design a solution that will work perfectly for your space.